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  • Jacob Heyman

    Jacob Heyman

    Data Scientist With A Background in Biology

  • Griffin Hundley

    Griffin Hundley

    Data Scientist

  • Raizel Bernstein

    Raizel Bernstein

    Aspiring Data Scientist

  • Alex Zieky

    Alex Zieky

    Financial professional with experience in data acquisition, data modeling, statistical analysis, machine learning, deep learning, and NLP.

  • Jake Oddi

    Jake Oddi

    Incoming Freshman @ NYU Stern

  • Justin Fernandez

    Justin Fernandez

    Soon to be data scientist! I also love shoes and my dogs!

  • Nick Subic

    Nick Subic

    A regular guy from America, Earth. @nicksubic on Instagram

  • Ismael Araujo

    Ismael Araujo

    Top 1,000 Writer on Medium | Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer | Based in NYC | Writer | http://bit.ly/linkedin-ismael

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